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Who is the “Perfect Solar Candidate?”

Occasionally you hear about it on the news, or see it on the rooftops of neighborhoods big and small, or notice that businesses have started following suit. If you’re in the Springfield area and are a fan of KY3 news, you’ve probably already entered our contest to win $20,000 worth of it.

We’re talking about SOLAR PANELS!

Solar is not a new concept, but it is an unfamiliar one around some parts of the country. Until recently, solar energy was presumed to be for the wealthy, or those who live on the coast. Well, that was the same trend we saw with the South Beach Diet, and now everyone’s either heard of it, tried it, or is still using it to their advantage. Solar may seem like a fad, but it’s more of a lifestyle change in that it becomes a permanent part of your life once you decide to install a solar system for your home or business.

Now, solar energy isn’t something that controls your life necessarily, as is a fad diet or a miserable job (though none of us at Sun Solar know what that feels like anymore!).  It is, however, something that helps control your finances and your carbon footprint. But how does one know if he or she is the perfect solar candidate? The nice thing about solar is that it’s available and attainable for practically everyone. While residential solar is more practical for those who own their homes, property owners of communal housing are starting to catch on to the benefits of solar. So, while a renter may not be able to install his or her own system to power an individual unit, a property manager or owner is certainly capable of implementing a much larger system that will reduce the overall dependence their tenants have on utilities, resulting in savings for both parties.

Businesses are also working their way into the solar market in droves. Businesses are realizing that the benefits of solar are not exclusive to home owners. In fact, there are several financial incentives and programs that exist solely for the purpose of businesses seeing the benefits of adapting to a higher standard of energy efficiency-which is steadily becoming a corporate initiative.

It is easy to ignore something that doesn’t pertain to us directly, and that might be the case for most of the people reading this piece. Our main goal is to reassure the public that solar isn’t the unorthodox shift its been portrayed to be. It’s simply an alternative solution for anyone who wishes to achieve energy independence.

If you stopped renting your home and decided to make the jump to owning a mortgage and paying annual property taxes, you did so with the intention of wearing it as a badge of honor. The same can be said for you when you choose to go solar. You are making a sound investment that belongs to YOU. Imagine that! You could own your own home, car, boat, entertainment center, appliances, AND your own solar panels that produce their own electricity. You can literally have it all.

We’re talking to YOU, Mr. High School Principal, Mrs. Congresswoman, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and your 4 beautiful children. We are talking to YOU, Mr. Rural Farmer, Mr. Grocery Store Manager, Mrs. Daycare Coordinator, and Ms. RN who works around the clock to make ends meet. And we can’t forget YOU, Ms. Social Worker, Mr. Bank Teller, and Mrs. Middle School Music Teacher. Or YOU, Mr. X-Ray Tech, Ms. Personal Trainer, and Mr. Restaurant Manager.

The point that we are trying to make is that we are extremely eager to talk to anyone who is interested in learning more about his or her solar options, and we don’t care what you do from 9-5 or midnight to 7am. What we care about is sharing our collective skills and knowledge about a technology that’s been used as a life source by NASA for decades.  It’s now available to EVERYONE! So now you know, there’s no “Perfect Solar Candidate”.  There is, however, alternative energy available to all deserving and respectable individuals who are entitled to their options. You can learn more by calling us or visiting us online at

There’s Plenty of Sun for Everyone!


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