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What’s Next for Sun Solar?

In 2012 Caleb Arthur founded our company with the hope of changing lives with solar energy.

Since then he has done just that. He has also elevated Sun Solar into the fastest growing energy company in the state of Missouri. During this process Caleb began to feel a calling for more. As you may have heard in recent news, Caleb has decided to run for senate.

With the time and energy that goes into running a political campaign, the time to devote fully to his business will be limited. Not wanting to lose the momentum we have here at Sun Solar, Caleb has also decided to hand over his presiding role and let the next generation of Sun Solar leaders take the reigns. While he will remain on as CEO, Caleb has awarded the title of company president to an already vital member of our executive team.

Gary Blanchard has a vision to continue our growth and innovation.

As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gary has been an integral part of how we operate since 2015. He has helped us become a force in the industry with his six years of experience in the world of solar power. He has made our company his home. Taking on an even larger role was a natural next step.

Caleb spoke about handing over this role to Gary saying, “He has been a huge asset to us and we really respect him. We know that Gary will work hard to maintain the culture, integrity, and success we have here at Sun Solar.”

While Caleb also said it will be hard to take a step back, even if a small step, he knows Gary’s hands are the best place for the business to be. He knows Gary has the company’s best interests in mind and has the same vision for who we are as a group.

Gary has often remarked that working here is like working for a non-profit for profit because what we are doing is truly enriching the lives of our customers.

“We are out there positively impacting people’s lives and putting money back in their pockets. Our goal as a company is to give back. It’s amazing knowing that you can sleep good at night knowing that we’re doing the right thing out there and we’re only going to get better.”

Sun Solar is proud to have you Gary.

Gary remarked about the time he has been with the company, “I am truly honored and humbled. I have always been welcomed with open arms. The best part of working for Sun Solar is feeling like you are part of a family. This is more than just a job.”

Indeed, we are a family and couldn’t be happier to have Gary as our President.

Here’s to many more years together working for the greater good!

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