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What do you get the one who has…a love for Energy Efficiency?


Maybe they have everything. Maybe they hate everything. Maybe you just don’t know them that well, but it’s your fiancé’s uncle, and you REALLY need to impress the family so they’ll pay for part of your wedding. We don’t need to know all the ins and outs of your life. We’re just here to help you think outside the box.

The very well-insulated box.

So let’s talk about ways to make someone’s holiday season both unique and environmentally responsible.


Nothing is good enough for this person. They think the sweater you got them is scratchy, or is the only color that makes them look dead, or they’re allergic to whatever food you brought to the holiday dinner. This is actually a great person to buy for, because no pressure. They’ll hate whatever you get them. But let’s still make it fun. For the complainer, get them a decorative wire basket and fill it with Edison-style LED bulbs. They’re stylish and environmentally responsible. If you don’t like the complainer that much, or have a spending limit, make it a small basket…can’t fit in as many bulbs! If they complain, just casually mention that you thought surely they wouldn’t have a problem with saving the planet, and then drift away while they are left to chew that little truth nugget.


If it exists, they’ve heard of it, no matter how new it is. This personality can be intimidating, until you remember that you’re not going to win, so you may as well just get them something cool. For this person, think of what they could store their tech gear in. How about a solar backpack? Or consider this: no matter how teched out they are, their batteries are still going to run down, just like they do for the rest of us, so a portable solar charger can provide the boost they need in an environmentally-friendly way.

For the techie, here is a comprehensive list of things both cool and practical: Totally Teched Out


Forget what we said about the complainer. The environmentalist is really where it’s at as far as gift-giving. Why? Because you can totally turn anything into a gift, provided it was used for some other purpose before that.

“I made you this bracelet out of yarn scraps.” *Deadpan stare*

So you can give them LED bulbs and watch them light up (pun intended), or give them a houseplant and know that they’ll be able to rattle off what that will do to their interior air quality, or check out this fun list of stuff from “Upcycled” Gifts

And if all of the above stuff sounds lame, or like not enough of a grand gesture, fear not. The ULTIMATE gift to give someone…say, your newlywed daughter, or your freshly-retired parents on a budget, or ANY of the above personalities, would be a free home energy assessment. Get those homes sealed up and their occupants snug as bugs on a [preferably chemical-free, seagrass is nice] rug. The weather outside is frightful, after all. And, weirdly enough, that’s a service we provide! Give us a call. 417-612-7092.

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