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User Review: Why We Made the LED Conversion

shutterstock_10980595If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lot of extra time. Well, maybe you do, but you sure don’t want to spend it researching stuff that isn’t that exciting, balancing a list of pros and cons so dry you can barely muster the desire to complete it.

I’d rather talk to someone I trust that has personally experienced it.

That’s why we’re going to talk about our year of living the LED lifestyle.

When my husband and I began our journey of living under the same roof, he was in the process of switching out all of his lightbulbs from CFLs to LEDs. I was armed with more CFL bulbs than I could comfortably carry in both arms, excited that I had so many seven-year-bulbs to contribute to our new life together. In fact, I was a little smug that I was so progressive. When he dismissed these fruits of my labor by explaining that those were no good anymore, I felt like I did the time I got a new iPhone right before the next one came out. All that money…for second-best.

But in the year since, I have come to appreciate his choice and will absolutely not think about all of the money that I had spent for that magical seven-year guarantee.

Here is my review of total LED living.

  1. I like to talk about the most immediate, short-term gratification first, because that’s who I am as a person. So the coolest part of the LED is that it provides brighter light faster than CFL bulbs do, and NEVER GETS HOT. Stand by it all day long, and don’t worry about getting warmer at all. Save that stuff for the fireplace, am I right? Which leads me to number two,
  2. You also won’t have to worry about radiation. I refused to believe that the then-new technology of the CFL would allow anything like potentially harmful rays of radiation to exist within its corkscrew-like structure. In fact, I kind of still didn’t believe it when I started writing this, so I looked it up on a bunch of sites. Even Snopes had to admit that these bulbs were packing. Maybe not immediately-lethal amounts, but even a little multiplied by several bulbs…including that bulb in your reading lamp, that you’re sitting under right now…it’s a little off-putting. And that slight danger applies to everyone in the house, including
  3. The children. The light also shines on your little angels. Granted, this is minimal exposure, and it’s not like they’re sitting under them all the time, but if we’re being really honest with ourselves, let’s admit that they’re not always little angels. Sometimes they get a little too curious, which takes us to
  4. What happens when they break. That invisible, minute amount of radiation really isn’t much compared to what happens if a CFL should happen to break on your watch. You don’t just have the usual concerns of miniscule glass shards, but also the fact that CFL bulbs contain mercury. In fact, the recommended cleanup process of a CFL bulb is frightening. From the website: air out the room first. Shut off the forced-air system. DO NOT VACUUM, because that spreads mercury vapor. Place all cleanup materials in sealable containers. Don’t even just throw them away in the house…place them outside immediately in a receptacle “or protected area” until they can be properly disposed of. Which leads to
  5. Why you’re still reading this. Ha! Just kidding. But seriously, the truth is that I would still be using my CFL bulbs had my husband not known about LEDs. And the odds are good that few of you are bored enough to wonder whether CFLs are still a really great thing. I hope that this review lets you know a few things you didn’t know so that you’re armed with the information to make the conversion. So let’s round up with
  6. The savings. LED bulbs use far, far less energy, and don’t heat up, all factors that contribute to less energy being produced by your home…and lower electric bills. Saving money is even better when added to non-toxic bulb cleanups and no radiation emissions. Plus, corkscrew bulb shapes are SO early-2000s.

If you have any questions about how LED bulbs can improve YOUR life, give us a call at 417-612-7092!

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