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They Say It’s Your Birthday…….


Happy Birthday to…US!

Let’s take a trip back in time, to, oh, let’s say, prior to 2016. Caleb Arthur’s Missouri Sun Solar was showing the Springfield area how affordable clean energy was becoming for everyone. With a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the solar energy process, attained from building his company from the ground up, Arthur was feeling pretty good about the future.

Meanwhile, in the town of Republic, Jeremy Atchley and his company, Energy Wise, were staking a claim on energy efficiency services.  Atchley’s depth of knowledge in all things efficiency had earned him the nickname “The House Whisperer,” and in a region new to the world of LED lighting and SMART thermostats, that kind of knowledge was a rare find indeed.

In fact, Atchley was exactly the kind of person Arthur was hoping to find. Arthur had the solar knowledge, but he knew the one-two punch of solar and energy efficiency could provide the one-two punch of huge savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

At first, Sun Solar subcontracted the services of Energy Wise. After seeing time and again the quality Atchley delivered, things got serious.  By late 2015, the two regional titans of industry decided to combine their powers for good, and in January of 2016, Smart Energy Solutions was born.

Twelve months later, things are going swimmingly, and it looks like the relationship is pretty serious. Customers who take advantage of the “Reduce Before You Produce” program save money off their solar arrays by utilizing energy efficiency services first, thereby reducing the amount of energy their homes and businesses use.  Those customers who aren’t ready or able to commit to the purchase of a solar array still achieve 20 percent savings off their electric bills by taking advantage of air and duct sealing, converting lighting to LED, or ensuring their space is properly insulated.

But no matter how many services we provide or how lucky we are to have qualified professionals to provide them, we couldn’t have done any of this without our customers. Thank you all so much for believing in us and helping us along the way. We’re always working to find ways to maximize your savings and your comfort, and we always appreciate your feedback.

Now let’s eat some cake.

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