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Take The First Step

The thing about change is, it’s scary sometimes. And it’s not only the actual change itself. It’s the idea of it. Be honest, how many times have you even thought about making a choice, ended up wearing yourself out with the mental back-and-forth, and gotten depressed? How many times have you factored in a previous episode of buyer’s remorse when considering a purchase? “Well, Terry and I bought that lime-green tricked out Neon from his cousin when we were in our twenties, and that thing was a LEMON, and we still can’t have Thanksgiving at his mom’s, so I’m not so sure about this leather recliner.”

Here’s the reassurance: you’re not alone. We have all been there, and we all share these struggles. That’s the part of being human that truly binds us: these shared stories of hardship. It is the case of being beaten down at some point ourselves that makes us want to motivate our fellow man. Similarly, it is the case of learning how someone else successfully overcame troubles and tribulations that makes us more likely to follow the path they forged when faced with the same decision.

We’re a renewable energy company with a mission statement written to express our devotion to the planet and the ones who inhabit it. We provide complete solar array and energy efficiency services, from education to sale to design to installation, and while we have many resources for those who seek them, we also recognize that there are many barriers holding people back. In the case of our services, there are assumptions that solar is for the wealthy, that the technology is too new or uncertain, or that electric rates really aren’t increasing in the amounts people say.

And we get it. For those reasons and more, we do everything we would want someone else to do for us. We provide free consultations and quotes. We provide free educational presentations. We provide free literature with actual case studies from our customers to show you that there are real people, friends and neighbors, family and coworkers, out there who did this, who took this leap, and have no regrets. They are saving money; they are utilizing the amazing benefits of clean energy. Or they are achieving maximum energy efficiency, reaping the benefits of optimal comfort while also reducing their carbon footprint (and utility bill).

But there is something else we understand: everyone is different. It is not within every person to call us and schedule that in-home assessment. Many of us need more convincing. Maybe we research something online, check a company’s score with the Better Business Bureau, look at how professionally-designed their website is, or Google the industry to see how far up on the results the local business is.

But some of us want something a little more tangible. We want to SEE the product. We want to touch it. We want to look someone in the eye when they’re educating us, decide for ourselves, and then walk away. Or take some literature home to the spouse and talk it over before taking that leap.

And so it is that we have made it a 2017 priority to make ourselves available in as many public venues as possible. We have expanded our company presence in every single location, and what’s more, we’re putting people in these venues who understand every facet of our services. People who can answer your questions, point you to further resources, and educate you with no strings attached.


We have also created an Events calendar on both our social media pages and website to point you in the right direction. Come see us in a public, no-pressure venue, grab quality fare from our neighboring food vendors, get some free swag, and, most importantly, take your time. We respect the gravity of major decisions just as much as we respect individual differences. Because, at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.



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