Elise Crane

Elise Crain can’t stop smiling.
As a customer of Sun Solar, she had already purchased a solar array for her home. Recently, however, she also enlisted the services of Smart Energy Solutions to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
We caught up with Elise shortly after her home’s upgrades were complete to ensure that she was pleased with the outcome.
She was quick to rattle off numbers, stating that her energy usage has dropped by a third as a result of services that included improved attic, duct, and floor insulation as well as duct and air sealing. Due to her prior solar installation, her costs were fairly low already, but the projected cost of savings from the additional energy efficiency upgrades increase her projected annual savings by another $572.
Her HERS (Home Energy Rating Score) Index also dropped from a pre-installation score of 109 to 88 after improvements were made.

If you’re more of a chart type, check out the breakdown below.

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