Steps for Energy Efficiency


Step 1- Energy Consultation

The initial consultation entails one of our energy consultants coming to your home to visit with you about the options available for your specific needs. The consultant will look at your electric bills (ideally for the past year) to average your consumption. They will look at the location of your home, its size, and how many people are accessing its energy. After these factors are revealed, you and the energy consultant can explore what options are best for you. In some cases this may include energy efficiency upgrades and solar combined and, in others, may be strictly energy efficiency. Whichever decision you and your family make, we make it our mission to help reduce as much of your electric expenditures as possible.

Step 2 - Energy Assessment

If you are curious about what energy efficiency upgrades can mean for your household, the energy audit is an option. The audit occurs when our energy efficiency expert comes to your home and looks at the general makeup of your residence. It is at this time that certain tests may be performed, such as window and door assessment, attic evaluation, blower door testing, thermal imaging/infrared scanning, duct system test, and CAZ (combustion appliance zone) testing. This visit will enable us to look at what we can do to help make your home both more comfortable and more energy-efficient. With energy efficiency upgrades, your home will require less energy, which translates to the size requirement of your solar system decreasing. With energy efficiency upgrades, your home will require less energy to heat and cool therefore making it more comfortable for you and your family.

Step 3- Energy Saving Upgrades

The upgrades go along with the results of your energy assessment and occur after you choose to make the commitment to energy efficiency for your home. They could mean special insulation, different lighting options, or other little assorted adjustments that can ultimately translate to big savings for you. After the upgrades have been conducted testing will be performed to measure projected savings and efficiency has been met.

Step 4- Maximize Savings & Comfort

Start Enjoying the benefits of reduced electric bills and a reduced carbon footprint.