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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is any form of energy which are replenished naturally over a short time. The best form of renewable energy is the Sun. The sun produces enough energy per hour to power over 3000 trillion light bulbs. Why not harness some of this free energy? Only just recently, Solar energy became cheap and able for the average person to own. The best part about solar energy is that is available anywhere in the world unlike other forms such as hydroelectric, or geothermal because the sun’s rays hit 100% of the Earth.

Perhaps the oldest use of renewable energy was the use of wind power to move a ship across an ocean. Moving to the era of recorded history, the main source of traditional renewable energy was human work force, animal power, hydropower, wind power, and a windmill to crush grain. Generally speaking, renewable energy is just as important in 2017 as coal power was in 1917.

Unlike other energy sources concentrated in limited countries, there are large and free opportunities for renewable energy resources and energy efficiency all around the world. Quick and relatively easy deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency and technological diversification of energy sources will have a massive impact on energy security and economic benefits in the short future. It also greatly reduces environmental pollution, including the prevention of pollution by burning fossil fuels, the improvement of public health and safety, the reduction of early death due to pollution, and the reduction of relevant medical care since it completely eliminates all forms of pollution. Renewable energy sources that obtain energy directly or indirectly from the sun, such as hydropower and wind power, are expected to supply human energy for about one billion years. The surface of the earth is expected to get too hot for the presence of liquid water.
Concerns about climate change and global warming are generally promoting the promotion of legal, incentive, and commercialization of renewable energy coupled with the surge in crude oil prices, the increase in peak oil and the increase in government support. New government expenditure, regulations, policies helped the industry better the global financial crisis than many other departments. According to forecasts by the International Energy Agency in 2011, solar power generation is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions harmful to the environment and to produce most of the world’s electricity within 50 years.

Solar energy is created by radiant light, heat from the sun, using solar heat, solar power generation, or concentrated solar power generation (CSP).Solar technology is characterized extensively as either passive solar or active solar. This depends on how the solar energy is captured, converted, and distributed. Passive solar technology includes designing the building to the sun, selecting materials with good thermal mass or light dispersion characteristics, and designing a space that naturally circulates the air. Aggressive sunlight technology uses solar thermal energy to convert sunlight from sunlight to sunlight, solar power to directly convert sunlight from sunlight to sunlight, or indirectly using solar power (CSP) Including solar energy.

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