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Preparing Your Solar Reindeer Runway

reindeerrunwaySomething that has come to our attention lately is that we tend to address our weekly blogs to people who have not yet gone solar. We do this because, well, most people HAVEN’T yet gone solar.

That is still no excuse for our solar-arrayed friends and neighbors. Just because they already own their own energy, just because they already reap the benefits of a backward-spinning meter, does not mean that they don’t have questions and concerns of their own.

So that leads us to our blog today, which shines its focus on one of those questions our solar owners typically have this time of year, but may be too afraid to ask: “How do we prepare our solar panels for a reindeer landing?”

First of all, excellent question. While solar panels are extremely durable, and virtually maintenance-free, the fact remains that we live in a litigation-rich time. We also, thanks to the magic of YouTube and social media, embrace the cute, intelligent nature of our animal friends more than ever before. Cat videos for the win! Right!?

But we digress. So, without further ado, let’s delve into how best to protect our reindeer friends when they land on a paneled roof. The last thing we want is for there to be a “Santa Clause: This Time the Reindeer Get It” movie.

  1. Remain calm. It’s easy to borrow worry and then roll around in it. So leave the worry wherever you found it and remember what sold you on the idea of solar panels in the first place. They’re extremely durable. They can even melt ice and snow faster due to their heating properties. And they’re very well-secured.
  1. Reindeer are super smart. We don’t know about you guys, but several of us here at the office were really nervous when metal roofs became a thing. “What about the reindeer, though?” was a common debate point around the watercooler every holiday season. And guess what? No reindeer injuries have been reported. Like, at all. So it’s safe to say, even given the general lack of clinical research that has been done on reindeer intelligence, that they can adapt and overcome.
  1. Highlight the panels with lights. This could be your year to shine, Griswold-style. If a Chicago Cubs fan can decorate their home so it appears to ACTUALLY SING “Go Cubs Go,” you can darn sure put lights around your panels that spell “Careful!” or “Solar Panels” with an arrow, again made of lights, pointing to your array. Plus, you’re bound to make the papers. Remember how cool you were for being the first house in the neighborhood to go solar? You’ll be a HERO for being the first solar home to build a cautionary message into your lighting display. And remember Charlotte’s Web? Well, nobody else will, once they see your “web” of reindeer awareness.

And there you go. Three solid ways to make this whole solar thing work for you. Again. Also, and we’re just spit-balling here, but don’t be surprised if your home is granted an extra present from the big man himself as a result (particularly if you do that light display thing).

Regardless of how you address your reindeer awareness campaign, however, know that we here at Sun Solar salute you. And, above all, go have yourself a safe and hap-hap-happy holiday season.

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