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Rebates and Financing Affordability

We provide the tools and collect the information necessary to assist you with finding the most affordable solution to becoming comfortable and self-efficient. The federal government offers a 30% tax credit, as well as accelerated depreciation on the cost of a solar installation. This maximizes individual returns and makes going solar a more attractive, financially feasible option. For those who choose energy efficiency upgrades, there are government and state programs that offer rebates for these programs, as well. Smart Energy Solutions offers many different financing options to make either route, whether stand-alone or combined, more feasible and cost-friendly.

Best in Performance and Service

Our energy efficiency team is BPI- and RESNET-certified, and our solar employees are NABCEP-certified installation professionals. By requiring these certifications, we ensure that each member of our team has the qualifications necessary to build each system to the highest standards. By utilizing high-quality solar products, the best installers, and a proven system, our installations are a cut above the rest. We handle the necessary permits, project management, and everything else throughout the process.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Becoming Self-Sustainable

No two projects are alike when it comes to energy efficiency or solar installations. Our auditors and engineers will create a custom proposal for you, which will maximize your return on investment and take into consideration the architecture of your building or land. Your individually-designed plan will also factor in increased energy efficiency, deliver a reduction in your electric bill, and do so in a way that will also ensure maximum comfort for you and your family.

Our Mission

Smart Energy Solutions, cares about the earth, the people on it, and strives to sustain both by providing alternative energy solutions. We will strive to help people save money by offering energy efficiency services and custom solar installations. These services will reduce energy bills and leave a carbon footprint smaller than we found it.
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We recognized the needs of our customers and responded accordingly, creating a division of our company devoted to helping people and businesses save money while also reducing their carbon footprint.
We believe in giving back to the community in a multitude of ways, coming up with workable solutions to real problems experienced by our customers. Our company is made up of employees who believe in our message and believe in our product, but, more importantly, we’re people, too. Environmental sustainability is our passion, but we also recognize the importance of affordability. We will always strive to find answers to your needs, and welcome your feedback to help us continually improve.


When you evaluate your choices, consider that Smart Energy Solutions wants to make your transition to an energy-efficient lifestyle a smooth one. Our employees take the time to go over your individual needs based on your usage and space, and tailor a plan accordingly that will save you the most money while also making your space environmentally responsible and reducing your carbon footprint.