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How You Could Power Your Home for $12.00 Per Week

We write about a lot of topics in these blogs, but what people really want to know when looking at our products is “How much is this going to actually save me?”

Today, we’re going to show you a customer who has achieved real savings by implementing energy efficiency upgrades.

Jeremy Atchley knows a lot about energy efficiency…he’s a certified RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) and BPI (Building Performance Institute) provider. So we knew that, by using his bill as an example, we were also talking to someone who could explain everything from a professional perspective as well as a personal one.

And, as an energy efficiency expert, he knows the best upgrades a home can have. Jeremy’s electric bill?

Twelve dollars and 7 cents per week.

And that is for a home that does NOT have solar panels.

So what does one do to have a bill that low, particularly during the coldest time of the year?

Jeremy uses the CURB Energy Monitoring System, a device that helps you take control of your house, condo, or apartment and all of the energy it uses.














CURB plugs directly into your breaker panel, giving you real-time data on your energy consumption and production, allowing you to:

  • Make smarter decisions about your energy use.
  • Recognize abnormal patterns of energy use, pointing to potential problems of various appliances.
  • Estimate your energy bill, allowing you to see the impact of your energy use on your wallet in real time.

To learn more about CURB, check out the website or find the device on Amazon here.

Jeremy’s upgrades:

Spray foam insulation in the attic and crawl space.

Duct sealing.

Air sealing.

HVAC upgrade to 96% variable speed furnace.

LED light upgrade.

For those of you who like charts, here is a snapshot of Jeremy’s curb energy monitoring system. Since December 7, his cost breakdown is $12.07 weekly.

“Tapping into each home and finding ways for people to save money may be what I do, but helping them realize that their electric bills don’t have to be astronomical by merely making minor upgrades is the best part,” Atchley said. “It was the easiest choice I ever made to make my own home the guinea pig and take the monthly electric bill uncertainty out of my family’s own budgeting equation.”

And there you have it! The best news is, we can tailor the best possible efficiency for YOUR home and its specific needs during an energy assessment. Each home truly is different, and we treat it as such. Give us a call today at 417-612-7092, and start your path to energy freedom!

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