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We’ll Let You Decide…

Sometimes change is hard. We get it. Making the decision to do something big can be really difficult. You just want to make sure that what you’re doing is best for you and for your family. You don’t want to make life any harder than it already is. We respect your right to know what’s […]

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A Whole New Way to Go Solar

Sun Solar isn’t a teeny tiny business anymore. And that’s a good thing. We are growing every day thanks to all of you and your continued support.  That growth makes it possible for us to add new services designed specifically for our customers. The growth you inspire makes it possible for us to just be […]

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Who is Solar Really For?

Solar seems to be everywhere nowadays… Maybe you’ve heard about it on the news or one of your neighbors has it set up on their roof. You might have noticed new panels on some local businesses. Maybe you just happened to like our Facebook page and see us posting about it ALL THE TIME. No […]

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Perpetual Motion

Eternal movement or perpetual motion is the movement an object that will continue indefinitely. Perpetual motion machines are virtual machines that can work indefinitely without energy sources. This type of machine is impossible as it violates the first or second law of thermodynamics. These thermodynamic laws apply even on very large scales. For example, although […]

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Going off-grid

Off-grid is a system and lifestyle designed to support people’s functions without the support of remote infrastructure such as an electric grid. In electricity, the off-grid can typically be an independent power system or minigrid to power small communities. Electrification away from the grid is an approach to accessing the power used in countries and […]

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