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Back It Up! All About Backups

For solar customers who wish to be able to operate “off-the-grid”, a backup power source, such as a battery or generator, is the solution. For many, this investment is priceless in that it provides ultimate self-sufficiency and independence from public utilities, otherwise known as the “grid”. There certainly is a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to use a backup system. Through much discussion, we have discovered that there are many people who are interested in these options so we decided to focus this week’s blog on nothing but backups in hopes of us all gaining a clearer understanding of why and how they work well with solar.

The sonnenBatterie

interior_image-2Our first option is the sonnenBatterie. The battery stores all solar energy produced throughout the day and allows you to use that energy when needed. The sonnenBatterie is essentially your personal power source, but an intelligent and more energy efficient one. Since peak energy consumption takes place in the morning and then again into the evening hours, we know that solar production (which peaks during the day) does not coincide with peak consumption. However, the sonnenBatterie stores all solar energy produced and distributes it as needed, creating an overall more energy efficient system. All excess energy that cannot be used will be stored within the battery to be used at a later time. The great thing about the sonnenBatterie is that it has the capability of being connected to the grid so in the event you have no more stored energy at your disposal, you are still able to power your home through your public utility. Another great feature is the sonnenBatterie App which allows you to monitor your battery’s performance at a glance from your smart device or smartphone. The app even allows you to switch devices on and off so that you can better manage your own energy consumption. This battery allows you to be in control of your production and consumption. You can learn more about The sonnenBatterie by visiting

Generac Propane/LP generator

generacOur second option is a traditional propane generator made by Generac. Unlike a battery, Generac generators are designed primarily to operate when the grid goes down. We have a few options available for purchase. We offer the 8, 11, 16, and 22 kW size generators. The generators come with reliable standard features such as a sound attenuated and weather protective enclosure, the ability to operate on natural or LP (liquefied petroleum) gas, and of course a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Along with these features, Generac generators also come with state-of-the-art safety features such as a low oil pressure shutdown system which will prevent catastrophic engine damage due to low oil as well as a high-temperature shutdown feature which prevents damage due to overheating. Some additional accessories include cold weather kits, scheduled maintenance kits, wireless remote monitor, and the Generac Mobile Link App which allows for monitoring wherever the internet is available.


Battery or Generator?

The choice really comes down to preference. Both products offer the same end result and they both carry a similar life expectancy (both options are predicted to last up to 20 years considering multiple usage factors). If you choose to purchase one of these back-ups, our skilled and trusted team of technicians will install it for you in addition to your solar array. You will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that everything is working beautifully together and is installed properly and safely.

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