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Fall Into Solar: 4 Reasons to Go Solar in Fall 2018

Thank goodness this scorching summer’s finally over! Now that we can all go outside again without frying, I’m looking forward to another of the long, warm “Indian summers” that our recent falls have given us – so moderate that the last several Halloweens haven’t made the kids choose trick-or-treat costumes based on their warmth! (Which […]

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Solar in Kansas City

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports in 2016 that solar power has increased faster than any other fuel source, especially in Kansas City. Institutions established after the first major oil crisis in 1973 said that 165 gigawatts of renewable energy completed last year is two thirds of the net expansion of electricity supply. Solar power […]

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Solar Kansas City

Are you in the Kansas City area and interested in Solar? Here’s a short history of solar. Thinking about giving Solar a try? For the first time in the history of the world, the cost effectiveness of solar is so low that the individual can buy it and it will pay for itself even quicker […]

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Perpetual Motion

Eternal movement or perpetual motion is the movement an object that will continue indefinitely. Perpetual motion machines are virtual machines that can work indefinitely without energy sources. This type of machine is impossible as it violates the first or second law of thermodynamics. These thermodynamic laws apply even on very large scales. For example, although […]

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Going off-grid

Off-grid is a system and lifestyle designed to support people’s functions without the support of remote infrastructure such as an electric grid. In electricity, the off-grid can typically be an independent power system or minigrid to power small communities. Electrification away from the grid is an approach to accessing the power used in countries and […]

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is any form of energy which are replenished naturally over a short time. The best form of renewable energy is the Sun. The sun produces enough energy per hour to power over 3000 trillion light bulbs. Why not harness some of this free energy? Only just recently, Solar energy became cheap and able […]

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