Sarah Brase

Take The First Step

The thing about change is, it’s scary sometimes. And it’s not only the actual change itself. It’s the idea of it. Be honest, how many times have you even thought about making a choice, ended up wearing yourself out with the mental back-and-forth, and gotten depressed? How many times have you factored in a previous […]

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Sun Solar 2016-12-23 14:44:49

BREAKING NEWS! SANTA’S SLEIGH DELAYED BY SMOG!   Santa’s got a big job. His workload trumps everyone else’s. I mean, who else could visit every household on the planet in one night?! But Santa’s got a big obstruction in his way this year: Air pollution. He’s got to travel through so much smog that he’s […]

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A Pretty Little Product Review

Product reviews are awesome. They give consumers the “inside scoop” on a product before a purchase. Today, we are going to review a line of products that we at Sun Solar use every day. Introducing: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day household, earth-friendly cleaners. Pros: Scent Appeal: First and foremost, the products smell amazing and truly authentic. […]

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