About Us

Smart Energy Solutions was created as a division of Missouri Sun Solar to provide energy-saving alternatives for owners of both commercial and residential properties.

Smart Energy Solutions offers stand-alone services designed exclusively for energy efficiency as well as our “Reduce Before You Produce” program that includes energy efficiency services in conjunction with solar installation. Customers’ individual needs are assessed by our energy efficiency experts. These services can ultimately save customers 20% or more on their energy expenditures. If these services are combined with a solar panel installation as a part of our “Reduce Before You Produce” package, the average savings is between eight and $10,000 toward the cost of the system.

Additionally, if you do pursue that option, both services can be included in our solar package financing. The energy efficiency package alone may also qualify for financing, as well as government and state programs that can offer rebates and significant savings toward the overall costs associated with energy upgrades. Links to these resources can be found in the “Helpful Resources” section under the Home Energy Audit tab.



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